Our Grading Scale

We have refined the grading scale to something that actually makes a bit more sense. We believe the higher grades should remain the same as they are what we all know and love. The lower grades however is where attention was needed to provide a more accurate description of a card’s true condition. 

How We Grade

Each card is evaluated on its four dimensions known as sub grades: Centering, Surface, Corners and Edges.
Each of these dimensions will be given a score out of 10.
The sub grades will then be added together, then averaged to determine an interim final grade.

The grade is then put through the following three final tests.

1. If two of the sub grades are equal and lower than the interim final grade, the final grade shall be lowered to match the lowest two grades.

2. If the interim final grade is more than one point higher than the lowest sub grade, the final grade shall be lowered to be one point higher than the lowest sub grade.
3. If the centering is 20/80 or worse then the card will receive an OC (Off centered) sub grade. The average of the other 3 sub grades will then determine the interim final grade and given -1 point to give the final over all grade.

Example One

Centering: 10
Surface: 9
Edges: 8
Corners: 8

Final Grade: 8

Example Two

Centering: 9
Surface: 9
Edges: 6
Corners: 7

Final Grade: 7

Grading Standards