Cards and Grading

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Sorry, at this point in time we are only accepting cards from Australia. However we do hope to expand this in the future, so stay posted.

We only grade Pokemon, DBS & Metazoo TCG cards both English or Japanese. We hope to expand this in the future.

Grading can take anywhere from 5 business days once we receive your cards to 40 business days depending on what tier you select when submitting your cards. We will always strive to have them back to you as quickly as possible.

If your cards cannot be graded due to any of the reasons (listed HERE at the bottom of the page), then your cards will be sent back in their sleeves and card savers with the rest of your order.

Sorry at this time we won’t be grading autographed cards.

Right now we do not offer this service but hope to in the near future. We would encapsulate your card without a grade, this could be for a special custom made or altered card, or to just preserve that special card where grade is not a priority.

No. We do not offer a cleaning service, so be sure your cards are clean from dust, dirt etc before sleeving them and sending them in. We use gloves when grading your cards to ensure your cards remain in the condition we received them in.

Your cards will be kept in our secure building, locked up in a fireproof safe. Your cards are insured while they are kept with us.

Please see Our Services page for details.

We currently do not offer a re-grading/re-slabing service, due to the risk involved when cracking cases that can lead to card damage. If you want to crack your own cases open then we are happy to grade the cards fo you. 

Orders and Shipping

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Please send your orders to:
TCG Trading Card Grading
PO BOX 235 Vincentia NSW 2540.

You determine the declared total value of your cards when filling in the online submission form. You will be given an option to insure the package up to a total of $5000, the fee will be added to your total at check out.

Once you have hit submit the cards are entered into our system. However you can submit a separate order and ship it in the same package, please contact us if you decide to do this so we know to expect just one package.

No. We do not do walkthrough submission or drop offs at this time.

When you send your cards to us we strongly recommend you get insurance cover for your package. At the time of submitting your cards you can select how much you would like to insure your cards for up to t maximum of $5000. Once we have received your cards they will be fully insured while with us. We only use Australia Express postage (with signature required optional) when sending back to you to make sure you get your freshly graded cards back quickly, safe and sound.

Please see the PACKAGING page for a complete guide on how to prepare your cards for postage.

No, your sleeves and card savers will be discarded.

No problem. If you have already submitted your cards then please contact us directly.